10 ways to support my work for free

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  2. Share, tag and quote my comics on social media. Then tell me so I can thank you!
  3. Don’t use the adblock when you read my comics.
  4. Post my work directly from my website on Reddit, Imgur or 9gag.
  5. Make a collection of your favourite Koto-comics and post it to 9gag or Bored Panda.
  6. Send feeback. I wanna improve until I die!
  7. Do you have any complaint about my work? Share that too. Please be polite 😉
  8. Are you aware of any comic challenge, comic marathon, comic event I should also be aware of? Get in touch!
  9. Did you find a grammar mistake? Spare me before the grammar police gets me!
  10. Did you spot someone stealing my work? Report it to me.